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The members of the “Junior Metettes” hockey team are the girls city champions. The decision was made on Saturday afternoon. March 10, when the “Junior Mets,” as they are called for short, defeated the “Glacier Girls” with a score of 1 to 0. In the most exciting game ever put on by the girls in this city. More than 400 spectators were present at the arena to witness the contest. Girls are not afraid of anything nowdays, it seems.

They do practically all boy does in the way of sports; their endurance seems to be equal, if not greater, and with determination and enthusiasm, the boys will have to look to their laurels if they are to keep ahead. This generation of girls are physically stronger than the one preceding. Outdoor life, independence, with athletics, account for it.

Who ever thought after witnessing a “really and truly” hockey game, with the minor features of broken noses, limbs, and cracked heads, that the young misses of this day and age would feel like “taking a hand” in the excitement. Yet that is what a number of girls in this city have been doing this winter-playing hockey, ice hockey, just like the boys and men.

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